Tricep Strength Swim

Feel the burn in your lunch hour with this challenging sub-60min swim session

Equipment needed

Swimsuit, swimcap (optional), goggles, towel, water bottle, energy drink.

Performance benefits

Over time, this session will significantly improve the strength of key swimming muscle groups (your triceps and lats). Your triceps play an important role in the final push of the underwater phase, when driving your hand back towards your hip. Strong triceps ensure a strong, smooth stroke and, most importantly, faster swim splits on race day.

Mental benefits

This is a tough session that’ll get easier over time but it might defeat you at first, especially as the tricep dips will cause some serious muscle fatigue. Set yourself goals each session, see it through and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it becomes. Enjoy the confidence that comes from achieving a challenging set.

Physiological benefits

There’s no easy way to disguise the fact that you’ll feel the burn during this workout. It’s designed to improve the strength of your triceps and lats, both of which are integral to keeping your FC stroke smooth, strong and efficient – especially as you tire. Good stroke mechanics will become increasingly important as you progress through the main set. And swimming at 70% effort ensures this is more than just a steady aerobic workout, and will lead to some great strength and fitness gains.

How to fit it in

This is a good session to perform early in your training week, perhaps on a day when all you have scheduled is a swim. Avoid doing it on a day when you’ve already done a hard bike or run session. Prepare yourself for muscle soreness the next day!

Adapt for Ironman

Continue increasing the distance swum (at 70% effort) for as long as time – and your body! – allows. Try starting out with a greater number of dips (for instance, 24) and swimming another 350m, then 400m.