Train Like A Champ – Luke McKenzie

Luke McKenzie shares his top five training tips to help you reach your tri-specific goals and personal best race times

1. Have an objective in every session you train. That three hour early morning ride might seem daunting but break it down to focused blocks – hit that hill maintaining a set number of reps or hitting set power numbers if you use them. Before you know it you will have completed the three hours and got real value out of it.

2. Focus on strength. Gone are the days when swim, bike and run was enough training. Gym work to build core strength and flexibility, especially in the hips, will help avoid injury and mean you can keep your running form better when you have to dig deep on the marathon.

3. Get a professional bike fitter to help you work out the best position on the bike. If you’re going to be out on the road for five or six hours it is vital that you are comfortable, as well as avoiding unnecessary drag. A slight tweak to your head or shoulder position can give you free time.

4. Cut out sugars and go gluten free. I focused last year on getting my weight down to feel more comfortable on the marathon and that paid dividends, improving my power ratio.

5. Be prepared to train starring at your power meter for 4hrs and 30 minutes. There’s a place for the Sunday morning coffee ride but it’s an individual sport so doing hard, specific time trial training on your own, utterly focused on cadence and the process of cycling, will pay off on race day. It’s a mental challenge but one worth facing.