Success Secrets from an Ultra Marathon Runner

Richard Bowles, ultra marathon runner and speaker runs us through some of his top tips for success in endurance racing ahead of the inaugural Australian Triathlon Endurance and Cycling Expo

The upcoming inaugural Australian Triathlon Endurance and Cycling Expo (ATEC Expo), taking place in July 2015, has announced it will feature a seminar by ultra marathon runner and motivational speaker, Richard Bowles.

Referred to as a combination or Forrest Gump and Bear Grylls, Richard has the tools and skills to inspire others to persevere, in business and in life. His feats include completing extreme runs which have seen him cross crocodile infested rivers, chased by wild dogs, washed down a white water river, chased by a tank, rained on by volcanic ash, and more.

Richard shares his top tips for how to make it to the finish line in sport and life:

1. Find your motive. Know your goals and determine clearly what it is you are trying to achieve.

2. Think of the big picture. Anything worth having will be tough to achieve. The pleasure waiting on the other side of the challenge will make it worth it.

3. Take action. Once you know what you want, put one foot in front of the other and go after it. To achieve anything you need to stop thinking and get moving.

4. Have absolute resolve in yourself. Achievement is all about decision, not desire. Believe you can do it and you will.

5. Dream big. You are capable of more than you think. You will never know what you are made of unless you put yourself out there and aim high.

Richard is looking forward to sharing his research and stories at the ATEC Expo, to help people understand how to commit to an endurance event of any kind, and how these skills can be adapted to career and personal life goals.

The inaugural Australian Triathlon, Endurance and Cycling (ATEC) Expo will tap into the surging momentum of Australia’s multisport industry and has an exciting line up of exhibitors and expert ambassadors.

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