From Single Sport to Multisport

The sport you’re most familiar with may affect how you decide to approach your tri race strategy


With many triathletes citing swimming as their least favourite discipline, you have a real advantage if this is your strength. The benefits to a natural swimmer may be best seen over a standard-distance race, where the proportions of swim to bike to run will see you maximising your advantage before making others chase you during the bike and run. Get ahead, crack on with your own race and let those behind you play catch up.


The bike section is generally the largest of the race, so longer races such as middle- and long-distance events are likely to suit you more, as this is where you have more opportunity to put time into your fellow competitors. You may play catch-up after the swim, but with the bike as your strength you know that you’ll be passing plenty of competitors during your favourite discipline and can push home your advantage, or save some energy for the run section.


If you come from a running background (as the majority of triathletes do, such as two-time Ironman 70.3 World Champion and 220 columnist Melissa Hauschildt), your confidence comes from knowing that when everyone else is tiring you’re coming into your own. Plan to chase those that are flagging down to the bitter end, knowing that you have the experience to finish strong!