Perfect Pacing

To swim your first 3.8km well, your pacing needs to be spot-on. We have the session that will help you time it to perfection


10 mins as 100s. 10-20 sec rest interval (RI) between each 100m


3-5 x [300m @ IM goal pace, 30-45 sec RI; 200m sighting at aerobic pace, 30 sec RI; 100m at 1500m race pace, 60 sec RI]


5 mins, mix of strokes and sculling

Equipment needed

Ideally have a snack (a sandwich) 1hr before. Use your wetsuit if possible. Drink before swim but not during.

Performance benefits

Pacing will improve. It’s also possible to change up a gear mid-race if you train with variances of effort. This can be useful when crossing the gap to join a group of other swimmers (nice drafting opportunity) or to deal with swells or currents.

Mental benefits

Use this workout as a way to test your mental strength and fortitude. When the going gets tough, be prepared to get going! Stick with it, stay positive and maintain a good attitude, and the mental benefits will come to you.

Physiological benefits

Swimming about 2km or more when you only have an hour in which to do it boosts confidence, as it requires a no-nonsense approach, limits cool-downs to a minimum and makes the core session hit various skill and metabolic goals.

How to fit it in

This is a lunch hour/before-work swim or a second session on the weekend if you have several non-training days throughout the week. It’s great to move up from 3 x to 4 x the main set, even if you do sneak into the next hour to achieve it.