The Perfect Cycling Warm-Up

Alex Price, our resident physio and tri coach shows us some must do cycling warm-ups

Dynamic Stretches AND Releases

Many cycling injuries are caused by tightness of the outside of the hips and legs, which results in lower back, knee or hip pain. Do five minutes of release work with a roller to the outside of the legs and use a ball on the outside and front of the hips as the first part of the warm-up.


Clams are a perfect way to get your gluteus medius switched on, providing leg stability in both riding and running. To do them, lay on your side, keeping your heels together, then slowly raise your top knee. Do two sets of 5-10 on each side, keep your hip straight up and down and use a slow and controlled movement throughout.

Single-leg quarter squats are an excellent functional exercise for triathlon. Make sure to keep the hips level and slowly take your bottom back as you bend the knee. Be careful not to let the knee come forward and do two sets of six on each side.

One-leg pedalling is a great exercise to do on the trainer during a warm-up and it’s also a great drill for cycling technique as it promotes an efficient and circular pedalling pattern. Put the bike in an easy gear with only one foot clipped in then spin quickly for 20secs, trying to keep the circular pedal motion smooth and controlled, without any jolts or dead spots. Repeat five times on each side. 

Slow Movement

Start by riding in a light gear, nice and easy. Gradually build crank torque (pressure through the pedals) through the first 10-15mins to make sure your body is ready to work. Ideally the warm-up is best to be done on the flats.