Andrew Papadopoulos

If the mountain won’t come to you…

HIIT it with this workout. Together with GoGoRace, we put celebrity PT and IsoWhey Sports …

HIIT it with this workout.

Together with GoGoRace, we put celebrity PT and IsoWhey Sports ambassador, Andrew ‘Pap’ Papadopoulos, to the test with this hill sprint interval session. Pap helps to demonstrate how to get the most from your interval training and how it can be used as a conditioning tool for any level of fitness.

Interval training is fast becoming a popular way for people to augment their conditioning programs. Not only are there a range of benefits (including short duration!), performing incline sprint variations with the correct technique and at a high level of effort or intensity can produce great results.

Combined with a sensible strength training program, including interval training one to two times per week can enhance the cardiovascular system, improve body composition, increase athletic performance and anaerobic/muscular strength.

Incline interval sprints are also beneficial as the compressive forces to the joints and soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments) are reduced due to stride rates (speeds) also being reduced, therefore more control can be exercised with less risk of injury.

Together with Andrew Papadopoulos, IsoWhey Sports and GoGoRace, we demonstrate how to maximise the benefits of adding incline sprint variations to your conditioning training.

Please note: interval training should leave you taxed, but not completely exhausted. You should be able to finish the repetitions in good form (albeit at a slower pace).


After warming up, complete each of the following sprint variations (on a 10-15m hill) consecutively for four rounds:

2 x Weighted Hill Sprint (sprint up, walk return)
2 x Weighted Hill Lunge
2 x Incline Squat Jump
2 x Gorilla Hill Climb
2 x Backwards Hill Climb (for advanced fitness levels only)

Rest: 60 seconds

Repeat x 4

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