Mel Hauschildt – What makes a Champion?

Mel Hauschildt shares her top tri tips that have helped make her a champion Swim with a sw…

Mel Hauschildt shares her top tri tips that have helped make her a champion

Swim with a swim squad, cycle with cyclists and run with runners. 

When I cycle with the boys on Saturday they peak for that race; it’s only their club race but no one rides on a Friday, they’re fresh as and everyone smashes each other. I’ve just come off a massive big week, Friday’s probably my hardest day and I’ve got to try and keep up. That’s good training that mimics the end of my triathlon.

Mentally train yourself as much as physically

Keep pushing on and don’t give up once you’ve started. If you give up on a
training session you’re likely to give up one day in a race. Keep battling on when you’re completely fatigued.

Cross training for injury prevention

I’ve been using the elliptical machine lately. I cut out a run session and do it on there instead. It’s low impact but still works the legs.

Know when to rest

If I’m too tired I’ll have a day off and take short rests through the year rather than big chunks. When I took big breaks as a runner the build-up after became too hard; your bones are weaker and you’ve lost your strength. That’s when things start playing up and injuries happen.

Eat well and eat often

I eat 24/7.  Lots of veggies, fruit and salad. We went to the movies the other day and Jared had a massive bag of food – nuts, sandwiches, fruit. He said this is a three-hour movie, you’re going to get hungry. When we came out it was empty. I get a bit angry when I’m hungry. I eat before training – usually bread, bananas and peanut butter. I take enough out on the bike, then have a protein shake when I get back, then shower, then eat again – a high-protein lunch.