Bike to Run Transition Guide

It’s great being first into T2, but you’ve got to run off the bike as well

1. As you approach T2, this is the final chance to take on nutrition before the run. Use a lower gear and spin with higher cadence for the final 2km to prepare for the quicker turnover needed on the run.

2. Unstrap and slip your feet out of your tri-shoes in time to avoid congestion before reaching T2. Not much time will be lost by pedalling on top of your shoes for the final 100m.

3. Swing your leg over the saddle and inside the other leg so you can instantly break into a run off the bike. Scoot along before touching down without coming to a dead stop. Make sure you dismount in plenty of time before the line to avoid the risk of a penalty.

4. Rack the bike before unfastening and removing your helmet. Either hook the saddle or the bars over the racking – it’s your call to which you feel’s the most comfortable.

5. Slip on your run shoes, making sure they are comfortable; in other words, not too tight and not with the tongue tucked in. Elastic or quick-tie laces will save time. Practise with race-wear equivalent.

6. Heading out of T2, don’t get caught in the moment and start at a pace you can’t sustain. Think about upright posture, light foot strike, fast cadence, and engaging glutes and hamstrings.