Alex Price’s Key Running Tips

Alex Price believes time and pace are not the only things athletes should keep track of during run training. He feels not enough time is spent on paying attention to run form

Think Like the Road Runner

Focus on what is happening behind you, rather than gripping the ground and pulling it back. This will improve hip extension and push-off drive.

Cadence, Cadence, Cadence

A great way to monitor this is to use foot pod linked to your GPS – this gives you real time feedback, which is especially useful when you are fatigued, as this is when cadence can easily drop off.


Incorporate short walk breaks regularly in your runs, especially when you are fatigued and always in long runs. This gives your nervous system time to take a break and will refresh your technique afterward. This not only reduces injury risk, but also helps in learning better technique, without any reduced aerobic benefits. Walk about 30 seconds every 10 minutes and stretch if you are feeling tight.


Do some core and gluteal exercises before you head out the door. This will wake the correct muscles up and get them ready to work.


Always look for soft surfaces, even if they are a bit uneven. The soft surface reduces impact forces and the uneven ground means you will be more careful about foot placement, resulting in better technique and awareness.

Make Technique and Better Movement Priority

It will not only help to reduce injuries, but also improve your efficiency.


Have an experienced coach or physio to look at and analyse your run technique. This way you can identify what you are doing wrong and how to develop it.


If you are looking to improve or reduce injuries, sit back and develop a plan of what and how you are going to change. Otherwise you will be likely to get the same results or injuries in the next season.