A bike that rides smoothly and is super comfy? It has won us over.

We rode this elite TT over the last two months and fell in love! The Dean RS has all the fixtures and angles experienced triathletes should be looking for. It handles well on hillier rides and rough sections are rolled over smoothly. It’s one of the most comfortable TTs we have ever ridden as it is well balanced, which keeps shoulders and spine stress free. We didn’t notice any soft spots and it holds speed well – very well! The frame features two key components, the F-Splitfork and the F-Surface. The Ridley Splitfork guides the incoming frontal air away from the spokes and reduces turbulence and drag. The frontal wind has to “pass around” the tubes of the bike, and has to change its direction to follow the profile of the bike. To make it easier for the airstream to follow the profile of the bike and stay close to the bike, the tubes are designed in a droplet shape, called F-Surface. The front brake is mounted behind the fork but is still accessible. Width adjustment on the Aura Pro tri bar is limited as there are spacers between the head tube and the stem for changing ride height, so you might need some help with this. Also available as Dean RS Dura Ace ($6,499, no wheels).

Verdict 95%

An Elite TT that delivers on flat and hilly courses.

RRP: $5,699 (no wheels)