Hitting the road soon for an off-road adventure? Check out this beauty to help you get your bikes where they need to go. 4 Wheels, 2 Bikes, 1 Rack – Dual Trekker

$476 www.rhinorack.com.au

Sometimes the best bike trips require you to go far and away from the city for the ideal ride. Whether single day trips or weeklong bicycle marathons, you can’t always squeeze your hefty two wheeled wonder into the backseat. Sometimes you need a heavy-duty helper to take your bikes to your launch site.

The new Dual Trekker from Rhino-Rack is for everyone from avid cyclist to the more casual weekend cruisers. The extremely sturdy hitch bike carrier safely and securely mounts with two simple ratcheting arms that secure the bikes front and back wheel, preventing movement and rattling during transit.

With the ability to carry two bikes at once, the Dual Trekker fits all road and mountain bikes, from kid’s bicycles to big wheeled mountain bikes, weighing up to 20kg per bike. Much like the rest of Rhino-Rack’s range, the Dual Trekker is ultra tough, designed to stand up to rigours and tests that any road might throw at it, keeping your car, bikes and the rack scratch-free.

Fitting both 2” and 1-1/4” receivers, access to the rear of your vehicles is always available, even when your bikes are loaded and the carrier folds up snuggly against the car when not in use, making squeezing into those tight parking bays simple as strapping the bikes in. It even is able to tilt to 90 degrees for compact storage.

Featuring a heavy duty cable lock and a locking hitch pin, Rhino-Rack has ensured that your bikes won’t be going anywhere until you’re ready to jump in the saddle.