Orca Predator

One comfy wetsuit with excellent mobility throughout

$949.00 www.bikebox.com.au

The stand-out feature on Orca’s top-end 2015 suit (aside from the $949 price tag) is the super-thin 0.88mm arm and shoulder panels that aim to offer a completely unrestricted feeling throughout the entire swim stroke. Certainly when you first put the Predator on, it does feel incredibly free around the upper body, which translates into a very natural feeling in the water compared to many thicker suits. Whether the difference is really significant over the range of motion offered by the other top-end wetsuits on test here is a more marginal call, though. Buoyancy in the rest of the suit is nicely balanced and although the Predator lacks any other major whizz-bang technologies, it’s a very well-made, comfortable piece of kit.

Verdict: 88%

Perhaps one of the the best wetsuits on the market for shoulder mobility. But that comfort comes at a steep price