Garmin Forerunner 620

A Brilliant, albiet daunting GPS to wrap around your wrist and take for a spin


The features packed into Garmin’s latest Forerunner could consume an entire 220, so we’ll focus on its evolution from the 610. Clearly it’s been on a diet coming in 30g lighter (at 44g), despite the ability to Bluetooth workouts to your iPhone (4S or later; no Android) for further analysis. You can also Tweet, Facebook and ‘Live Track’ your runs, which, despite bordering on narcissism, is a useful safety feature. Myriad new metrics will satisfy the technophiles: vertical oscillation, ground contact time, recovery time, and VO2max predictor. An accelerometer within the chest pod gives you a wealth of data, but while the data feedback’s impressive, it can be overwhelming. More useful is the improved heart-rate connectivity and the touchscreen working seamlessly even with gloves. It’s easy to use but, without cycling and swim feedback – and for that price – we’d still go for the 910XT. 

Verdict – 81%