DRAG+FLY Elite Review

As clever as the name, so too is the product

Specifically to triathlon, upper body strength is paramount at the start of a race with hundreds scrambling on top of one another’s legs, and when kicking is often compromised in a wetsuit swim. The Drag + Fly could be your number one training tool to simulate these conditions at the same time as strengthening your stroke and improving your catch of the water.

Unlike many of the improvised versions I’ve used in the past, this is perfectly designed for its purpose with an easily adjustable and comfortable velcro waist strap, chafe protected rope combined with a float to stop it from interfering with your legs, and my favourite feature of being able to adjust the resistance/drag to match your ability by using the zips on either side of the parachute. The possible benefits of training with the Drag + Fly are definitely worth the additional room in your swim bag, and it’s sure to make conversation on the pool deck!


Specific race strength simulation and great conversation starter! 95%

$99.95 www.dragandfly.net