Bike Lights

Part 2 of our bike light round-up. As winter descends, you need highly effective road-legal lights to see and be seen


The two LEDs in this rear light are powered by a pair of standard AAA batteries, and, despite losing points for not having USB recharging, this is a decent light for the money that’ll certainly get you seen. On fast-flashing mode it’s highly visible through 180°, and with 50 hours of burn time from the batteries it’ll see you through a fair number of commutes or training sessions. Although the bracket requires a Philips screwdriver to fit it, once on your bike the light simply clips in and out of it. You can also clip the light straight onto a backpack, jersey pocket or even helmet cradle; it’s relatively heavy, though, at 73g. Without recharging, we probably wouldn’t opt for it as our main rear light, but as a useful back-up to keep in your kit bag or as an additional blinker for extra visibility it’d be worth considering.
Well-priced and decent-performing, no-nonsense rear light


With its hard-anodised aluminium housing, the Knog Blinder feels like a quality product and its performance doesn’t disappoint either. Attaching it to your seatpost takes seconds and is tool-free, simple and secure with the high-quality rubber and aluminium clasp. Despite its high-end, robust metal housing, it weighs in at a trim 53g. Once on the four LEDs pump out an impressive and super-visible 44 lumens, and with side panels you’re guaranteed to be seen from all angles. The various modes, including four flashing options, give burn times ranging between five and 30 hours, more than enough for typical night-time training sessions and commuting. To recharge, it simply plugs into the USB port of your computer, either with the supplied cable or – and this is really cool – directly in with its flip-out dongle.
High-quality, high-powered and with a neat recharging trick


Combining a red rear-facing light and amber side lights, this unit from Light & Motion cuts a distinctive and highly visible presence. Factor in 25 lumens output at high power and you can ride with the reassurance that you’ll be seen from behind. It hasn’t got the disco-flashing setting of most rear lights, but its slower pulse setting is very noticeable and probably less distracting for other road-users. It weighs in at an acceptable 61g, while fitting to your seat-post is fast, easy and tool-free with a simple rubber strap. If you want to fit it to clothing or luggage, its locking ratchet clip is very positive and more secure than the clips often found on rear lights. You’ll get six hours of burn time at full-power pulse mode, but with the standard micro USB charging port and a 2.5hr charging time you should never run out of juice.
Highly visible, easy to use and convenient charging