Team 220 – The First Few Months

Team 220 athlete Glen Porteous talks about his first few months training and how to bounce back from injury

What a difference a few months makes. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in such a short period of time. If you told me last year that I’d be able to swim 2km without rest, that I’d be cycling over 100km in a week or running up to 20km whilst balancing a family, work and commuting an hour into the city per day I probably would have laughed and said no chance!

It took the incentive of winning a competition for me to show that level of commitment. I don’t know whether I would have invested the time had I not won the Team 220 competition, but I will say this, having that motivation or a goal to work towards is a HUGE factor. I was never big on setting goals but without them I’ve come to realise that it’s a tough ask to achieve anything.

I might be getting ahead of myself here considering I still have 3 months of training until the Olympic event in May, there is still a lot to do to get me up to any kind of competitive standard and I’ve had some frustration of late with my right calf playing up on the run. I’m confident I’ll get there and this is due to the wonderful support team I’ve been lucky enough to be associated with. Having Rebecca Hay as our nutritionist has helped me to think smarter when it comes to eating. Making sure you not only eat the right kinds of food but the time you consume it is just as important. It has helped me fuel before training and recover afterwards whilst still working towards an ideal race weight. Prior to this I was eating just enough food to keep myself fuelled for a rested state! I’ve upped my calorie and carbohydrate intake by quite a bit to balance out with training whilst continuing to lost weight.

Debi Hazelden from BondiFit as our coach has been amazing. Whether it be tips on how to train smarter, analysing my training and designing a training plan around my busy life she has always been there to provide advice and motivation. I tend to ask Debi a lot of questions and she is probably getting tired of them but I’ll keep asking until I hear otherwise!!

At the moment I need some drastic improvement on my ocean swimming and my run. I don’t live close to the ocean but I’ve had to make the time to get out there as swimming in the pool doesn’t compare. Unfortunately over the past 3 weeks my body has been playing up, an inflamed disc has seen a few related calf issues which has really slowed down my run progress and recovery.

If I could offer any advice, it’s maintain your body. I probably wasn’t stretching anywhere near enough! Investing in a foam roller and the odd massage will help keep the body healthy and allow you to train at your optimum levels daily.

Apart from that the training continues, it’s becoming more of a habit now and I’ve been trying to really push myself. Hopefully the body is on the mend and I’ll see some drastic improvements. A short term goal of mine is to run under 4:00 min pace over 5km. No doubt with the team behind me that I’ll get there!