Paul Ambrose

Australian Ironman Champion Paul Ambrose sits atop one of Italy’s most loved brands, the Bianchi D2 Carbon Crono

My bike is a Bianchi D2 Carbon Crono.

I customised it by adding Shimano and Vision components.

I love it because Bianchi has been one of the most prestigious and historic bike companies around. They bring elegance and grace to my riding experience, and it really shows that their bike engineering is at a different level. When I am riding the Bianchi bike it really shows from the beginning of my first pedal stroke.

My first bike ever was a kids’ BMX, but if you are talking road bikes it was an Apollo 7 Speed, a second-hand bike with hoop pedals. Nothing flash, but it felt so quick with the thin tyres after riding for years on a BMX freestyle bike.

The best ride I ever had was an early morning ride down the coastal road of southern Sydney. Watching the sun rise over the coastal bridge is majestic, and watching a clean off-shore swell break in the distance – that’s riding!

My worst ride started off as a sunny day in spring in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. As I was at the summit of the climb, around 10,000 feet above sea level, it started to snow and hail. I had to descend to get home and to get to warmer weather. It took up to an hour of descending on icy roads with snow falling on us in below-zero temp, with just shorts and a singlet top. It was so cold that, at the bottom, I had a frozen snot beard. I was that frozen by then, I had to hitchhike a ride on the highway home to Boulder. Never dealt with weather like that coming from Sydney!

I look after my bike by swapping rides from road to TT to reduce use and wear and tear.

Profession: Triathlete
Age: 28
Lives in: Cronulla, NSW
About Me: I have a Britney Spears song in my iPod –guilty.