Elite Fuelling – Michelle Wu

Australia’s little engine that could shares what it takes to feed the machine and capture her pro triathlon goals

5:30-6:30am: Alarm goes off and I get myself ready for the first session of the day. I’m probably one of the very few who doesn’t eat before training. No real reason. It’s just what I’m used to.

6:30am: Usually a bike or run. I always carry food with me. A bottle of Hammer HEED and gels usually gets me through the session. If it’s a long ride (eg, Saturday mornings), I also take a Hammer Bar to eat.

9:00am: Breakfast. I eat the same thing every morning. A large bowl of oats, with sultanas, almonds, yoghurt, soya milk, honey, and fruit. I never get sick of it and absolutely love it! I also have toast or crumpets with peanut butter or almond butter.

10:00am – 4:00pm: Work. I’ve been with IP Australia as a Patent Examiner since 2005. They have been very supportive of my triathlon over all these years. Lunch is pretty basic. I usually have some sort of meat/salad/egg sandwich or roll. I snack on fruit and nuts, plain biscuits, crackers/rice cakes, and muesli bars. I don’t usually drink anything but water during the day.

From 5:00pm: Afternoon session. Swimming with Performance Tri Squad, or an easy bike/run. My hard bike and/or run sessions are done in the morning. I don’t usually need any fuel for the afternoon. I only use water for swimming. If it’s a hot afternoon though I’ll take some Hammer Fizz (electrolyte tablet).

7:30pm-8:30pm: Dinner. I am lucky to have chef Mum to cook! Being Asian though, it’s always rice, some sort of meat (fish, chicken or beef) and some sort of Chinese Vegetable (bok choy, etc.)

9:30pm: Snack of fruit and yoghurt. If I’m feeling naughty I’ll throw in some chocolate! Nutella! J

10:00-10:30pm: Bedtime!

Race Day

Pre Race (usually at some ungodly hour!): Toast with honey and banana, and a Sustagen drink.

30min before race start: Hammer Gel.

Bike leg: For a 70.3 race I use a bottle of Hammer HEED, a bottle of water, and 4-5 gels. I also take Hammer Endurolytes.

Run leg: 2 Hammer gels in a flask. I use the aid stations for water and coke.

Overall, I’m not very scientific with what/when I eat I have to admit. I don’t practise any low carb/high fat or paleo or sugar free or whatever diet. I eat whatever I want to! I do try to include a lot of healthy fats though with nuts, seeds, salmon, olive oil, etc. I don’t have a real sweet tooth though and grew up with healthy habits as a kid, so I never crave any junk food. I can’t even remember the last time I had Maccas or KFC or anything similar. I do love a muffin or chocolate though! Especially when in a heavy training block and I need the fuel and calories to keep the weight up! I use chocolate Hammer Recoverite too after my hard morning sessions. I rarely go out for dinner. Maybe only a few times a month. My all time favourite food is definitely Japanese!! I just absolutely love sushi!