Port Stephens Race Review

Team 220 athlete Glen Porteous tackled the Port Stephens Olympic distance over the week and even with a banged up knee he reached his goal

I was unfortunately going into the race with a bung knee which I’d injured three weeks ago, which was disappointing considering all the effort we went to over the past 6 months but these things happen. I knew the run would hurt and it did, forcing me to jog most of the way due to the intense pain but the swim and ride was another story.

I absolutely LOVED the swim. It was meant to be 1.5km but my garmin and a number of other athletes had it down for 2km. Overall the swim was a bit of an odd M shaped course. Out, across and back to the beach, a 30 metre run on the sand then back out into the water, across and back again. I at least now know I can swim 2km in the ocean when I take on a half! So much better swimming in Sydney than the dark dank cold waters of Melbourne!

The ride was actually considerably hilly with a few challenging false flats but on the downhills got up to speeds of 60km/h. The fuelling advice I’ve received over the months was great as I didn’t stitch up and had the right amount of energy needed.

The run was tough. I came off the bike and the knee started to throb, the 10km was basically me just trying to get through it and ending up with 5:27km pace which I was happy with but never stood a chance. I got through without stopping but with the knee and no training for the past 3 weeks except swimming took it’s toll.

I ended up finishing 31/77 for my age group in the swim, 41/77 in the ride and then 68/77 in the run for a 47/77 overall. I’m pretty happy actually. If my knee was 100% my overall result would have been higher.

Now to rest up the knee and aching body but I am really happy I finished it and excited to start the training up again for next season.

I wanted to thank everyone involved in getting me here for your assistance and support through the lead up to the race. It was a fantastic opportunity and experience. I have learnt a lot to prepare me for future seasons and can’t wait to give it another crack!

Glen Porteous is Team 220’s Olympic distance athlete for 2014 and now a proud finisher of the Port Stephens Olympic distance triathlon.

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