Champion System – A new way to order

Friends of 220, Champion System, have introduced a whole new way to order your fresh new digs

Champion System have been specialising in custom tri gear and design since 2005. Custom gear, they live and breath it. Champion System is recognised as one of the biggest and most respected custom manufacturers in the business. Looking to personalise your tri gear for yourself or a gift, or even create some custom kit for your whole tri club, these are the team to get the job done.

We’ve all been there, dealing with dozens of people and individual payments as your whole team tries to organise new custom kit in separate orders. We know we have and we know this takes valuable time out of your day. This is why Champion System have developed CS DIRECT a brand new way to order your club or team clothing.

What does CS DIRECT do?

1. As a team or club administrator you can log on to the Design and Order Portal and start a new order as you would normally. Once your designs are done and approved you can access CS DIRECT and:

– Setup your own CUSTOM pricing – make some profit for your club or subsidise the cost
– Dont want to access the full range? No problems – turn off items you dont want to offer

2. You set a time period that your club order is open – say 2 weeks. You then upload your team or club logo set a username and password and then you are done. Send out an email or tweet to your members that the order is open then watch the orders flow in!

3. Each team member logs on individually, selects what items, size and quantity they want then pay via our online shopping cart.

4. Once your order period closes, your team orders will be submitted to production and delivered 4 – 6 weeks later.

5. The goods will be delivered to your door or clubhouse all bagged individually so you can easily distribute the entire order with the minimum of fuss.

Get started on your own design here.