Key training and nutrition goals

Team 220’s Brad Crofts, shares nutrition and training advice that will help him get a spot in Hawaii

Destination Kona? Who knows really?

That is the goal for this season, but there are so many things that need to fall into place for that goal to be achieved. Port Macquarie always seems to throw together a hot field of age group athletes and how quick they all go is way out of my control. I would love to go under 9 hours 15 minutes and I will do all I can to try to do that and then just hope that is fast enough to get a spot to Hawaii.

At the moment the two things within my control are my training and nutrition. Being one of the three members of Team 220 Triathlon, I have been fortunate enough to have access to the knowledge of Rebecca, from The Athletes Kitchen and Peter from HPT. When you have been racing for over 17 years you think you know most things about training and nutrition, until you speak to these guys. Rebecca has been a wealth of knowledge. It has all been about hydration. Rebecca established fairly quickly that I am a heavy volume sweater during training. Subsequently, I am always in some state of dehydration. Solving this problem has been the focus of my nutrition. I have become a lot more conscious about the amount and type of fluid I am taking in both during and after training. Rebecca has got me to increase both my sodium and magnesium intake after training and this has been very beneficial already. Without Rebecca I probably would never of discovered how much fluid I do lose every hour of racing and training.

When you first start working with a coach it always takes a little while to discover what works. It is even more difficult to do that when you live in different states. After a few solid conversations we discovered the best way to work was for Peter to be a consultant and sounding board for my training. Peter said to me that I have to “train to compete, not complete”, this is something that has stuck. We decided that 8 weeks out from Port I would hit a big six week block where most of the key sessions will include plenty of race pace efforts. That will be an absolute pleasure!

My key training and nutrition goals are fairly simple (the way I like it). Nutrition is all about hydration and training is all about race pace efforts. If I can get them right we will just have to see how it all goes. Hopefully I will be sitting at the computer racking my small brain trying to write more blogs in the lead up to Hawaii.