Densham’s Diary: Renovations and Repair

Olympic bronze medallist talks holidays in Spain, troubles finding form in 2013, addiction to renovation programs and returning home in November

It’s been an interesting year to say the least. I am currently on holidays in Javea, Spain. It’s a great little town on the Mediterranean Sea. I holidayed here back in 2010 and loved it so I decided to come back. Javea is surrounded by stunning scenery, and there are dozens of day trips of nearby destinations waiting to be explored.

At the moment I am doing whatever I feel like doing. I literally just went for a bike ride and and rode for over two hours to enjoy the picturesque scenery while trying to find my legs. But I definitely bit off a more then i could chew. I was shattered after 90 minutes but so happy to be back on these Spanish roads.

There is a misconception that I’ve taken time off from triathlon, but while I have not been racing much in 2013, I haven’t taken any time off from training. In fact, I have been training all year, trying to get into shape and subsequently race fit. But it just hasn’t happened. If anything, my fitness has gone backwards. It’s been strange, but I am taking some time off now so I can get into shape and ready for next year.

It’s been hard not racing, or at least feeling that I am in shape enough to race. I’ve spent most of the year training, banging my head against a wall (not literally) and training some more.

So while I have not been on the race course, I have developed a new hobby. It’s sad but I’ve gotten addicted to renovation shows. Now every time I walk into a house or apartment I look at what walls I would take down, how I would set up the layout, colours, design, everything. In the place I’m staying for my holiday I’ve totally figured out what I would do with it if it were mine.

Maybe i should start my own show when I get back home to Australia.

I’m sure the only problem I would face is that I have no construction or design skills at all, but perhaps that would make for the best show, right?

Speaking of home, I will be on holidays for three more weeks before returning to Australia. From there it will be doctor appointments and tests to see what is going on with my body. I plan to be back into training when I return home and having a bit of a fun in the Gatorade Series at Elwood at the end of November. I look forward to seeing you all soon, until then, it’s back re-runs in training and reruns of ‘The Block’.


Erin Densham is a professional Australian triathlete and bronze medalist at the 2012 London Olympics. You can read her monthly blogs at or follow her on Twitter @erindensham.