• Ashleigh Gentle

    Me and My Bike

    Ashleigh Gentle

    The Aussie ITU Commonwealth Games contender talks time-trialing in northern NSW and why go…

  • The Perfect Ironman?

    The Perfect Ironman?

    Genetics can have a huge impact in sculpting the perfect Ironman. We look at some of the o…

  • Garmin Forerunner 620

    Garmin Forerunner 620

    A Brilliant, albiet daunting GPS to wrap around your wrist and take for a spin $499 garmin…

  • The Perfect Cycling Warm-Up

    The Perfect Cycling Warm-Up

    Alex Price, our resident physio and tri coach shows us some must do cycling warm-ups Dynam…

  • The Perfect Run Warm Up

    The Perfect Run Warm Up

    Our Resident physio Alex Price takes us through some of the exercises you need to be doing…

  • A Very Modern Classic

    A Very Modern Classic

    The next generation of a familiar and trusted time-trialing favourite is put through its p…